Aga Cebula was born in Poland in 1976. She grew up in Radom, an industrial city 80 miles south of Warsaw. In 1996 she graduated from nursing college and started working in the Clinical Hospital in Warsaw.

While assisting during operations she developed her own way of looking at patients, whom she saw as silent and static objects that are not aware of what is happening around them. From that perspective they were treated more as objects, centrally placed in the space of an operating theatre, rather than human beings with feelings and emotions. This fascination with the human body and its relationship to the environment and space around it has stayed with her since then.

After 2 years she changed careers and worked in a graphic design studio in Warsaw until 2002, when she permanently moved to London to study photography. In the meantime she gained a degree in Environmental Studies from Radom Polytechnic.

Aga arrived in London with a clear aim - to study arts, especially photography. Since her arrival she has worked as a nurse in a nursing home and committed herself to developing her photographic skills. In 2008 she enrolled on Kingston University BA Photography course, which she completed in 2011, gaining a First Class Honours Degree.

In Aga’s initial work she attempted to explore the relationship between body and space. During photo sessions she would assume roles as both photographer and model. She was fascinated with delapidated, condemned and imagination-rich spaces often arranging herself as part of the environment.

Since graduating from university Aga has been exploring travel photography, focusing on South East Asia. She continues to combine photography with work in the Caring profession.

Aga lives and works in London, UK.